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Websites are created not just to replace your business card, you need to ask yourself: How hard is your website working for you?  With amazing marketing such as video, audio, images, and rss feeds, your website will work harder for you than your most trusted employee.  Marketing tools such as Event Builder and E-database ensure that your newsletter gets out timely, while SEO keyword technology ranks you with your most valuabe keywords.  Call us today for a free estimate and keyword target list to see what keywords are most valuable to you.   Every website is custom built with sitemaps to make sure all the search engines find you, not just a few–and every website will get submitted for maximum search engine exposure.  Say goodbye to webmasters who take days or weeks to make simple updates: now you can make them easily yourself.

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Try as I might, I looked for an effective marketing solution that would replace some of my print and radio advertising. I still advertise with those medias, however, they weren’t driving customers to my site! Then I tried Adwords, banners, and pay per click advertising, which costs hundreds of dollars a day, maybe even more depending on your budget. Someone suggested a press release or articles that were written and distributed on the web, with Google News, Yahoo News, Associated Press, and other trusted and reputable news sources. I contemplated and thought that my existing business was not newsworthy enough for nationwide headlines, but I was wrong. I noticed suddenly how other small companies were announcing Spring Specials, or New Products, or Mergers, or Announcements, or Sales or Promotions. These are very news worthy, and drive web visitors to your business site.

So I decided to test the market. I was horrified at the rates that people were charging for seo copywriting. A simple article or press release was going for what I was paying for three days worth of pay per click advertising. Press releases were even more expensive, and some services just charged for writing and not distribution!

Being a writer of many styles myself, including business writing and press for small newspapers, I decided to try my hand at article writing. I received a lot of exposure for topics I knew a little about. How to articles, market trends, web information and retail were all known subjects, but even subjects I wasn’t an expert in proved to be successful. The key is to have good and useful information, added with the SEO knowledge build by successful website building. Press releases received much more exposure and proved to be wonderfully effective marketing.

If you decided that your business deserves a press release, we go a little further and optimize it for the search engines, making sure the keyword density matches with the top search engine algorithms. Plus our optimized press releases services will release it to major news sources such as Google News, Yahoo News, Site Match, Associated Press, and more. Depending on your budget, we’ll distribute a tailored package up to a Media Blitz. Most of these releases will show up in the top ten of major sites, driving more people to your site or business. Some businesses that benefit from our services are Wick-edly Sent Scented Candles Company, Finger Lakes Gallery and Frame, and Automotive Experts Online.

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