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Getting Your Author Website Platform Done in 2014!

Another year is going by, and it’s time to make sure you’re putting your best foot forward by creating something every new or experienced author needs before the year is gone: an author website platform! You have to take a moment and ask yourself an important question that every up-and-coming writer needs to address early in their career. Are you doing everything you can in order to make this a fruitful and successful year for your burgeoning writing career? The fact is, unless you’re doing everything in your power to spread the word to the masses about yourself and your work, then the answer to that question is a big, fat negative, which means you’re doing yourself and your career a huge disservice, and it needs to be addressed NOW.

Recognize Your Writing Career

Life is busy, and so are you. That’s the universal mantra of just about everyone in these high-tech, stressful times when the majority of the population seems to be in a constant rush, trying to get too many tasks done in days that have far too few hours in them. Factor in family time, day jobs, deadlines, and the unfortunate human need for sleep, and things can get even more hectic, especially when a heavy project is claiming all of your attention. But, regardless of how packed your daily schedule is, it’s so important to make sure that you take the time to recognize what your writing career needs in order to flourish – your hard work MUST have a strong presence out in the world in order to garner the attention it deserves, and online is that place, especially in this highly digital age. The good news is that even the most time-strapped, technologically-challenged writer can now achieve something that every professional insists on – that presence on the web that’s desperately needed. The strongest platform for world-of-mouth advertisement known to man, the author website you have always dreamed of, is now completely within your grasp with the help of a web designer who specializes in building awesome websites for budding authors who know their worth.

Discovering Your Worth as an Author

Your work, your name, your WORTH – this is what you need to get the word out about, and your new author website platform is the key to get the recognition you deserve in 2014! Every new artist, whether you paint with images or words, whether you consider yourself a genius or a humble wordsmith, NEEDS to have a web presence where you can show off those mad skills, keep loyal fans informed of future events, signings, promotions, and upcoming new releases, or even just teasers to build up anticipation. There’s also another important role that a strong web presence has to play, and that is to let all those people on social media sites know that you’re out there, so they can promote your posts among their friends, who in turn promote them to their friends, who in turn promote them to their friends…are you seeing a pattern yet?

Keep Promoting Yourself with your Website Platform

Stake your claim on cyberspace now, with a professional and unique author platform to not only help show off your work, encourage sales, and help you keep in touch with your growing fan base, but also to spread the word in literary circles, therefore providing a basis for networking with both other writers, but also to valuable job contacts for other future ventures. It’s simple, in any business, more promotion equals more financial and creative opportunities can come your way, and that’s no different for the writing arts. Get the help you need, at a price you can afford, because for every new author out there, this is your chance to stack the cards in your favor for success in 2014!



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