Slip Away Touches on Psychological Teenage Angst

Posted on Nov 13, 2015

Merge Publishing releases a dramatic coming of age novel.

Merge Publishing is announcing Slip Away, a new novel by Joel Durham Jr. The 67,389 word coming of age story is set in the Adirondacks, and gives a glimpse of a family fighting with depression and psychological disorder.

Slip Away by Joel Durham Jr

“It’s a story of how someone wants to live a normal life in the face of devastating circumstances,” Joel Durham, Jr says. The novel covers everything a teenager goes through. “The humor, the love, the pain, the confusion, and the heart: It’s all in there.”

The novel follows Rory Orrick, a teen who just wants to live a normal life. After the untimely death of his parents and abandonment of his brother, Rory tries to overcome his past and move forward, which is hard to do in a small town where the residents look down upon or avoid him. In the midst of getting his life together he meets his first love and starts to feel somewhat stable, but his life is cut short when his troubled past comes back to taunt him.

Rory faces an ultimate choice; to go on living his unstable life and continually hope for the best, or submit to what he feels a family curse of psychological disorder.

Anyone who’s been a teenager and overcome with conflicting emotions should read this book, or anyone who remembers that you never truly burn like you do when you’re young.

About the Author: Joel Durham Jr was born and bred outside Rochester, NY, and save for a quick year of living in the San Francisco Bay area, lived there all his life. A writer at heart and a computer geek by nature, he wrote more than a dozen tech books and easily a thousand articles on PC technology, video games, and related topics for almost 15 years before his career was cut short due to severe spinal stenosis (back pain). Slip Away is his first full-length work of fiction.

Video Trailer for Slip Away:

Available now on Amazon.
ISBN # 978-0-9904432-4-7

Merge Publishing
Finger Lakes, NY


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