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With all the tools you need to update site at any time, and all the marketing tools to help you succeed as a professional author. An author platform website design helps sell novels, non-fiction, and how to books. FLC creates successful websites for authors to include ready to go marketing tools to sell books anywhere at anytime.

Author Platform Website: $299

1. Custom built website with Seo (Search Engine Optimization ) technology
2. A contact form that doesn’t give away your email address, saving you from those nasty spam robots
3. We will include a Pic of yourself (provided by you) and/or book, high resolution
4. Create a Blog, (use for your writing, posts, events, author signings) including RSS feed
5. Reviews and/or testimonies page with comments that have to be approved before they publish
6. Media room page (so media has all your press info) with author bio, Q and A
7. Social media bookmarking so others can share your content virally
8. My Booktable Shopping Cart to sell your books more efficiently, or buy the book method with paypal, or author selling methods such as your own download PDF versions

Author Platform Website Marketing Pro $599

9. Google Analytics set up for web traffic monitoring
10. SmartSubmit Technology to submit your site to all major search engines
11. Goodreads Author Program Set Up
12. E-Newsletter set up so readers and fan can stay connected
13. Google Plus AuthorRank Set Up

Author Platform Website Marketing Premium $999

14. Twitter Profile set up with blog integration so you can blog and post to Twitter all at once (a terrific timesaver)
15. Facebook Page set up and blog integration to post to Facebook as well
16. Pay with a Like software so users can “Like” your Facebook Page to get instant downloads (example: sample  chapters or writings)

After your book is finished there are several other services we can provide, including a press release to pitch your book to news media and bloggers for buzz about your book. We can also create contests and giveaways to increase exposure.

Hosting is through Finger Lakes Copywriting (FLC) or with your own hosting company. Contact us for more info. Made with eco friendly windmill technology. FLC includes authors themselves in affiliation with Merge Publishing.

Note: Book does not have to be published to start creating an author website platform (it’s recommended that you have a platform before it’s published)

Get Your Author Platform Done
Should I have my author platform website my name or my book?
Should I wait until my book is published to create an author platform?

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