Digital Real Estate Ads for Facebook and Instagram

Impress your clients with digital ads for Facebook and/or Instagram!

Start a winning campaign with a stunning new digital ad designed for Facebook, Instagram, and Craigslist. We can create a custom ad with your copy (or help you spruce it up) and start it when you need it.

Photos are needed for all ads. All ads must be associated with a Facebook Page (not profile), if you don’t have one, we can associate one for you.

Lead Ads or Regular Ads

Which ad is right for you? Is it exposure, to sell, or to get leads? We can create an ad based on your goals, to promote a listing,  get more Facebook Likes, or get leads. With a lead ad, users are required to enter their name and email address. You’ll get all the entries for the ad when the campaign is over. Note: Lead ads can get different results (Impressions and Clicks).

Targeted Ads

We’ll target your ad based on zip code, demographics, and behaviors. With advanced targeting we can aim for users who are interested in the things like home design, house hunters, and real estate. We can also market their behaviors for people who are likely to move or have lived at their residence for 7+ years. Have a luxury listing? We can target the ad to only show to people with a certain income bracket.

All campaigns come with tracking info.

Ask us to create a custom website or Facebook Page for you!

Just Listed Ads

Make a splash with your new listing! We’ll target your ad in your preferred zip codes or do the research for you. Usually Just Listed Ads are targeted for buyers, so keep aware of your goals. These ads show well on Desktop/Laptop, Mobile, and Tablet. 2016-06-30 18-07-39

Just Listed Ads can include be a photo, carousel (new), or video.

Just Sold Ads

Congratulations! You just sold a listing! Now target the neighborhood to let them know who sold the listing. This is a great ad for canvassing the neighborhood for future listings. 2016-07-05 16-33-36


Note: It doesn’t have to be your listing to advertise your recent sale.

Open House Ads

Promote your Open House with a digital campaign. Cover all your bases and reach out to Facebook and/or Instagram users to let them know the day and time. 2016-06-30 18-13-13Note: We’ll create an event for the open house and market it to interested buyers in the area you choose. Anyone who is going will “naturally” help you spread the word too.

You are also encouraged to share your ad with your friends to get immediate exposure.


Three days of marketing
  • Have your ad in targeted areas for 3 solid days on Facebook.


2 Weeks of Exposure
  • Maximum exposure for two full weeks on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Bonus: Pinterest!
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