Real Estate Marketing

Real Estate Websites

Increase your exposure with a custom built SEO (search engine optimized) real estate website–or we can fine tune your existing one. Websites can feature blog functions, social media follow buttons, bookmarks, and IDX for local listings. Create a marketing powerhouse presence on the web 24/7. Other features include photos and video capability, contact form, and Facebook/Twitter integration. Post to your blog and syndicate to social media with one easy step.

Client Targeting for Brand Awareness

Target buyers and sellers with specific zip codes, demographics and behaviors. Stop wasting money on broad advertising when we can create specifically target your clients with your brand effectively. Create stunning ad copy that will raise awareness.

Digital Ads (with Lead Generation)

To be successful you need to be where your clients are. Let’s create a modern digital ad for your Just Listed and Just Sold campaigns, targeted to specific clients. Impress your clients with ad data and click thru rates and benefits from lead ads as well.

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Don Stevens

Stevens Don

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