Optimized Press Release Services

Do You Need Optimized Press Release Services

Every business can use an optimized press release. Do you need one? Ask yourself if you would like to drive more traffic to your business, either by walk in, phone, or the web? Just like radio, television, or print, this targeted marketing technique works very well for many businesses.

Thirty Reasons to Have a Press Release:

  1. Starting a new business
  2. Introducing a new product
  3. Celebrating an anniversary
  4. Announcing a restructuring of the company
  5. Offing an article series for publication
  6. Opening up branch or satellite offices
  7. Receiving an award
  8. Receiving an appointment
  9. Participating in a philanthropic event
  10. Introducing a unique strategy/approach
  11. Announcing a partnership
  12. Changing the company or product name
  13. Earning recognition of the company, product, or executives by a publication
  14. Announcing that you’re available to speak on particular subjects of interest
  15. Issuing a statement of position regarding a local, regional, or national issue
  16. Announcing a public appearance on television, radio, or in person
  17. Launching a website/or redesign
  18. Announcing free information available
  19. Announcing that you’ve reached a major milestone
  20. Obtaining a new, significant customer
  21. Expanding or renovating the business
  22. Establishing a unique vendor agreement
  23. Meeting some kind of unusual challenge or rising above adversity
  24. Restructuring your business or its business model
  25. Setting up a customer advisory group
  26. Announcing the results of research or surveys you have conducted
  27. Announcing that an individual in your business has been named to serve in a leadership position in a community, professional, or charitable organization
  28. Sponsoring a workshop or seminar
  29. Making public statements on future business trends or conditions
  30. Forming a new strategic partnership or alliance

–By Al Lautenslager, Excerpted from The Great Big Book of Business List, by Entrepreneur Press

Am I Newsworthy?

Long ago you needed to have a newsworthy subject to be in the headlines, but now any type of business or information can become headlines. For example: new businesses, new location, change of hours, new mergers, new products, new services. The list goes on and on. Your business doesn’t stay the same. I don’t know of any businesses that do. Hopefully you can see the trend of marketing and realize that newsworthy press about your business are happening all the time. If you not sure, consult me and we can explore newsworthy subjects about your business together!

Are Press Releases Like Advertising?

Similar, but very different. They both bring visitors to your business, but sometimes a press release can be more cost effective to you because of the web surfer’s trained eye. Advertising on the internet is huge and it’s getting more and more competitive. Nowadays people aren’t just looking at sponsor ads, which are usually highlighted in different colors and scream “Hey, I paid for this spot”, people want authority sites. Authorities are known media sources such as Yahoo News, Google News, Associated Press, and an optimized press release is the way to achieve this. I usually don’t look at sponsor ads anymore because of all the marketing I’ve done with them in the past. However, I always check out articles and optimized press releases about the subject I’m searching for.

Note: People subscribe to many news release services on the web so press releases generate a broad scope of viewers, not just targeted searchers.

Can I afford a Press Release?

Take the usual amount of advertising budget and see how much is going toward print, television, or radio, and consider. Usually, press releases are more economical and effective than these other media sources. You’ll see that we are very competitive compared to other press release services.

Note: We have several different levels of press release coverage, from the Finger Lakes Special to Media Blitz, your optimal choice.

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